YOUR article “SPFL chief calls for clubs to move forward at last with relegations finalised” (July 28) carries the following senseless and contradictory statement from SPFL chief Murdoch MacLennan: “Throughout the process, and whilst under the most severe pressure, criticism and media scrutiny, the SPFL has followed appropriate legal guidance and acted in accordance with the best interests of the SPFL as a whole at all times.”

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I am truly astounded at this – is he being deliberately obtuse or worse is he completely deluded? How can this sorry business have been in the best interests of the SPFL when three member clubs have been severely punished and disadvantaged in the context of a global health crisis? The SPFL have absolutely failed to look after the best interests of their members, rather their warped notion of democratic decision-making has enabled a cabal of 26 clubs to pursue their own self-interest at the expense of a section of their fellow members.

How stupid does he think Scottish football fans are? Never no more for many Jags fans visiting dilapidated stadiums like his own, not a penny more to the self-seeking 26.

Chick Hosie
Scottish Football Fans for Independence