THE first Scottish Independence Nationwide Cavalcade will take place this weekend. The Scottish Independence Movement’s “Convoy for Independence” will start simultaneously on Saturday at four locations across the country at 1pm prompt.

The cities of Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness will be joined by Dumfries as host venues for the four motor cavalcades which are being promoted as allowing all participants to take part in pro-independence demonstrations from within the confines of their own vehicles.

The Scottish Independence Movement (SIM) said: “We call on every Yes group, independence supporters and activist get to your nearest cavalcade. This is the safest way to get independence back at the forefront with the Scottish elections not far away.”

The organisation has issued advice to ensure that social distancing, for example, is adhered to, and is asking participants to follow all Scottish Government Covid-19 guidelines.

The four starting points are: Dumfries – Matalan Car Park DG1 3PF; Glasgow – Showcase Cinema Barrbridge Leisure Center G69 7TZ; Dundee – Cineworld Camperdown Leisure Park DD2 4TF; Inverness – Vue Cinema Inverness IV2 7GD.

SIM said: “We are asking people to please follow these strict guidelines and to drive in a safe manner, adhering to the Highway Code,

“They are asked to meet at the designated start points at 12.30 pm, where they will be aligned by the local organiser into formation for the convoy.

“The convoys will leave at 1pm sharp. All participants are to remain in their vehicles pre-1pm. The named organiser will approach, wearing PPE, and give relevant and current instruction regarding the route. People are also asked to use their own facilities before leaving their homes. There will be no comfort breaks during the convoy.”

The organisation went on: “Please bring face coverings and any relevant PPE or exemptions which you may be required to wear if you have to leave your vehicle in the event of an emergency.

“Dress your vehicle carefully make sure everything is safely attached. Leave a safe distance between each vehicle in your convoy.

“Be mindful of other road users. Ensure you keep sufficient distance between you and the vehicles in front.

“Allow for driver error, which may be elevated in stressful situations and also allow for safe braking distances in case any hazards occur unexpectedly. Clean your headlights, indicators, and tail-lights. Check the tyres on your vehicle before starting your journey.

“The convoy will set off with a lead car. Please follow the lead car and not overtake it.

“Do not exceed the speed limit set by law, ensuring, at all times, that you are observing the Highway Code.

“Also, stay in your ‘bubble’ as set by the Scottish Government regarding Covid-19. You all know your own health limitations. SIM will not take any responsibility for your personal health.

“We are recommending people at high-risk stay home. If you are uncertain, please visit the NHS website for detailed information.

“We will be driving back to our designated endpoint, where we will all safely disperse and travel safely home.”

Those intending to take part are asked to join the individual events online on the SIM page under the event section tab.

Speaking on behalf of the SIM executive, director of operations Manny Singh said: “The SIM team is proud to have nationwide collaboration under the restrictions that Covid-19 has brought.

“We have worked hard to ensure that the safety of our nation’s citizens is paramount, whilst our visual campaign for an independent Scotland can safely be rebooted

“Scotland has been suppressed for centuries through an imperialistic Westminster Government. This is Scotland’s time.

“The greatest revolutions in the history of humans, past, present and future, is the revolution of those determined to be free.

The oppressive Westminster Establishment will never voluntarily give Scotland freedom, the oppressed Scots must demand and take it. We can and we will succeed.

“We are determined, focused and committed to working towards an independent Scotland.”