IT looks like former Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson could be set to join the House of Lords - and somewhat unsurprisingly, the news hasn't gone down too well online.

Davidson, who led the party from 2011 to 2019, is reportedly included on the Prime Minister’s peerages list, which will be published in a matter of days, alongside former chancellors Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond.

The Remainer MSP stepped down from her role as leader last year after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, citing several political and personal reasons for the decision.

The PM is said to be handing out peerages to Tory rebels and Remainers in a bid to heal divisions in the party. Clarke and Hammond were part of a group of rebels who voted to prevent a No-Deal Brexit last year, resulting in them being expelled from the party.

As for Davidson's reported peerage, many weren't too sure about the decision...

One Twitter user responded: "There’s another reason for independence. Ruth Davidson has never won a seat in a general election, yet will still get a say on reserved matters and laws pertaining to Scotland."

National columnist Pat Kane didn't react too well either...

The SNP's James Dornan tweeted: "The prize for failure seems to increase every day under this incompetent Tory Government."

ScotGoesPop's James Kelly joked that the Tories are getting on with delivering the "People's Priorities" amid a global crisis, while another Twitter user questioned whether or not such action could be protested.

And of course, another Twitter user asked the question of the moment: "I presume that this means her price for having dinner with a Russian oligarch will now go up?"