SCOTTISH Labour leader Richard Leonard is being called on to resign ahead of next year’s Holyrood election.

George Foulkes, a Labour peer and vocal Unionist, told the Daily Record that his party needs “credible leadership” but said Leonard was not breaking through with voters.

Leonard has been in the position since 2017 and has presided over a set of poor election results. Last year it emerged in a Panelbase poll that more than a third of Scottish Labour voters could not name its current leader.

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Polls this year have shown the SNP is on track to gain a majority at the Scottish Parliament election. Foulkes wants to see “credible leadership” in Labour “take advantage” of the SNP’s record on public services as part of a new campaign against them.

Foulkes (below), a former Labour MP and MSP, said: “He has to make that decision. He has to put the interests of the Labour Party in Scotland ahead of his own personal interests.

“He needs to make a judgement about whether he thinks he can take advantage of this opportunity. Time is running out.”

The National:

He went on: “The truth is Jackie [Baillie] is there, if necessary, to take over as acting leader, and she would do the job.

“He [Leonard] needs to think of what is best for the party in terms of the Holyrood elections. Tony Blair has sent a coded message to him and he needs to think carefully about it.”

In recent days former PM Blair spoke about the contrast between Keir Starmer’s support south of the Border and Leonard’s performance in Scotland.

The Scottish Labour leader watched the party fall to fifth place at last year’s European election, and lose six seats at the General Election in December.

A Scottish Labour spokesperson said: “Scotland is being failed by two governments.

“Scottish Labour is the only party prioritising the push for jobs and a national care service as we build back from the pandemic.

“Next year’s election is a chance to get people’s priorities back into Parliament and that’s what we are focused on.”