A SCOTTISH pilot who was Vietnam’s most critically ill Covid-19 patient has warned others not to be “blase” about the virus’s risks.

Stephen Cameron was working for Vietnam Airlines when he tested positive for the coronavirus in March. He became seriously ill, spending 65 days on life support.

Cameron, 42, from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, who became something of a media sensation in Vietnam, told BBC News the effects of Covid-19 should not be under-estimated. He said: “I’m a living example of what this virus can do and it is serious.

“People might grumble about having to put on gloves or social distancing two metres apart but they can’t be blase about this until we have eradicated it.”

Cameron said he was unsure if he would be able to walk again when he came round and was told at one point he had only a 10% chance of survival. He added: “When I first woke up I thought was I paralysed for life. I didn’t know because I couldn’t feel my feet.”