The National:

AS support for independence soars and their chances of electoral success dwindle further, the Scottish Conservative and Unionists aren’t short of things to complain about.

Such crises may prompt introspection among some parties, but that’s certainly not been the case for Jackson’s Carlaw’s brigade.

In the face of sky-rocketing popularity for the Scottish Government and the SNP, the Tories have decided to attack the Scottish Government and the SNP.

What could possibly go wrong?

Within the past 24 hours, Carlaw’s troops have put their complaining into overdrive.

First off, they’re furious about Scottish Government coronavirus briefings at which the First Minister announces vital public health information.

Secondly, they’re raging about the decision to reintroduce restrictions on people travelling to Scotland from Spain due to thousands of new coronavirus cases – despite raising no concerns about the measures being lifted just days before.

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Their latest line of attack is even more inventive – they’re fuming at the SNP for selling masks during a pandemic.

The party is flogging a range of face coverings, with SNP, Yes, Saltire and tartan designs.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Annie Wells is somewhat unimpressed. “The decision by the SNP to try and make money from a global pandemic was inexcusable,” she claimed. “Nicola Sturgeon must immediately act to ensure this stops and is never repeated.”

The MSP added: “Any money made from this tasteless venture should be donated to causes fighting coronavirus and its ruinous impact.”

An SNP spokesperson replied: “Just like football clubs and many others, we’ve launched our own branded face coverings. We would encourage everyone to help suppress the virus by following the guidance on face coverings.”

Keep it up Scottish Tories, this strategy is bound to be a vote winner. And we're sure the SNP will be gutted that so much attention has been brought to their face masks...