A SCOTTISH Labour peer has faced backlash online after suggesting Baxters sales will rise like Tunnocks did when the SNP "urged a boycott".

George Foulkes's comment comes as Boris Johnson visited a Baxters factory in Moray on his trip to Scotland.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Moray Tory MP Douglas Ross and Tory councillor Tim Eagle.

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Baxters backed a No vote in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum along with teacake and biscuit firm Tunnocks.

Foulkes tweeted: "When SNP urged a boycott of Tunnocks their sales soared so Baxters in for a boom!"

Founder Boyd Tunnock was among a group of more than 120 business people who signed a letter in 2014 saying they want Scotland to "keep flourishing" as part of the UK.

Some pro-independence supporters hit out at the company after it scrapped the image of the Scottish lion in a bid to rebrand the teacake as British.

But the SNP has never ordered a boycott.

Twitter users called for Foulkes to provide clarification. Here are the best responses: