AND so it comes to pass that Boris the Bold, with all the powers of Westminster at his back, heads north to remind rebellious Scots of their overlord’s God-given right to ride roughshod over Auld Scotia’s customs and laws.

He casts doubt aside – so what if the deep pockets of the UK are full of holes? No matter if the Union’s fabled sheer might should be mere sh...? Obeisance is long overdue.

Now behold Scotland’s champion – The Blessed Nicola – small in stature, yet perfectly formed.

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She calmly awaits the oppressor, mindful of another such battle long ago, where young David, against all odds, did lay the mighty Goliath low.

She smiles as she calls to mind the philistine champion’s final words: “Sic a thing as a chuckie-stane never entered ma heid before!” (Scots Bible: Unauthorised Version)

Moral: Small is beautiful.

Wee shall overcome.
James Stevenson