SHOWING how the Yes movement is coming out of lockdown hibernation, another online event, scheduled for tomorrow night, is sold out.

Yes Kirriemuir has organised Democracy, D’Hont, and Holyrood Elections on Zoom so that people can find out about tactical voting and the Scottish Parliament election, with Dr Craig Dalzell talking about the candidate and list votes.

The group said: “The 2021 Holyrood election is going to be crucial for Scotland’s future. Many of us are interested in making the most of our vote and want to find out more about the proportional representation mechanism used: the D’Hont system.

“With so many different opinions out there, Yes Kirriemuir has invited the academic Dr Craig Dalzell to give us his analysis of the numbers and the democratic principles involved.

“Dr Dalzell is one of the experts behind one of Scotland’s leading think tanks, Common Weal.”

There will be a Q&A session after Dalzell’s talk.

The event is at capacity but it will be recorded to be shared across social media platforms after the meeting.

Those who have booked a ticket by Eventbrite should note this is a live event and normal courtesies apply – no foul language or defamatory comments.

Yes Kirriemuir added: “We will go through the basics of Zoom meetings before the event goes live and if you have any questions about this, please do feel free to ask us.”