TORIES rejected a series of amendments to the Trade Bill last night – including efforts to protect the NHS from control from outside the UK and ensure devolved governments are given a say in trade deals.

All six Scottish Tory MPs – Andrew Bowie, David Duguid, Alister Jack, John Lamont, David Mundell and Douglas Ross - voted down amendments 17 and 10, as well as efforts to give Westminster the right to approve trade deals negotiated by the UK Government.

The Trade Bill, which deals with the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy, has now passed to the Lords.

This morning there is widespread anger over the Tories’ failure to protect the NHS from control outside the UK.

The National: Former Scotland Office minister Douglas Ross rejected the amendment Former Scotland Office minister Douglas Ross rejected the amendment

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas had put forward the amendment to stop the health service being a part of trade deals, saying: “We do not want yet more warm words and nice rhetoric, what we want are some red lines in the negotiations, and the way to get them is to write them onto the face of this Bill”.

As well as protecting the health service from foreign control, the amendment also sought to ensure that in any trade deal the ability to provide a free-at-the-point-of-delivery service was not compromised, staff would not have wages or rights slashed, medicine pricing was controlled and patient data wasnot sold off.

Stewart Hosie, Margaret Ferrier, Ben Lake, Joanna Cherry and Colum Eastwood also submitted an amendment to ensure Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland could give their consent to trade regulations containing matters within their remit.

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SNP MSP Paul Wheelhouse was furious about the vote. “Remember Tories telling voters @theSNP was scaremongering about NHS being sold down river to secure a US Trade deal?” he tweeted. “Well, the Tories told blatant lies & this proves it. Tory Bill passed to Lords last night as Tory MPs voted down protections for [Scottish] NHS #indyref2.”

We Own It campaigns officer Ellen Lees said: “It’s frankly sickening that at a time when we’re more reliant on our NHS than ever before, the Government has steamrollered through parliament a Trade Bill that offers absolutely no protection for our treasured NHS.

“We’re now at risk of higher drug prices, private companies being able to sue the government if it tries to limit their ability to profit from our healthcare, and Donald Trump getting his hands on our NHS.

“Worse still, parliament won’t even get to have a say in any future trade deals - meaning our NHS could be offered up on a silver platter to the highest bidder, and we wouldn’t know a thing about it before a trade deal is signed and sealed.

“This government promised to ‘take back control’ but they’re doing the opposite. They promised to keep the NHS off the table. They’re doing the opposite. Now it’s time for the House of Lords to step up to the plate and fight back against this totally undemocratic power grab from the Government.”