The National:

IN the latest bizarre series of rumours from Unionists, Andrew Marr has suggested that Scottish independence is a Russian plot.

Marr asked Russian Ambassador Andrey Vladimirovich Kelin if he is "interested in the cause of Scottish nationalism" in an interview on his show.

Kelin replied: "Our interest in Scotland is only one. We are open for business."

Marr said: "The reason I ask is that there are many people in this Government and the Conservative party at least, who feel that Russia is enthusiastic about breaking up the UK."

That's despite the Tories receiving £3.5 million from Russian donors, according to an invesigation in The Ferrett in November last year.

It comes as a report is expected to reveal that Russian interference may have influenced the Brexit and independence referendums.

The Russia report by the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), released on Tuesday, is expected to raise concerns about Moscow’s interference in aspects of Scottish politics.

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The development comes just days after Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, revealed that Russian “actors” were highly likely to have interfered in December’s General Election.