Devon and Cornwall (C4, 8pm)

THE third episode of the series takes us to the serene waterways of Mylor Creek, a tidal ria in south Cornwall. Here, lifelong friends and mariners Jess Harris and Charlotte Whyte welcome diners aboard their custom-built floating restaurant following months of preparation. In the quaint village of Lansallos, diver and conservationist Rob Thompson leads a team of volunteers to sweep up the man-made rubbish in the coves and on the southern edge of Dartmoor, while sheep farmers Jess and Russell Steer prepare for their first trip to the county’s historic Widecombe fair.

Once Upon a Time in Iraq (BBC2, 9pm)

A LOOK at the impact of the insurgency from the perspectives of American soldier Lt Col Nate Sassaman and Baghdadi Alaa Adel, who was 12 when she suffered life-changing injuries. Unprepared for the hostile environment he found himself in, Sassaman was pushed to the very darkest regions of his psyche. Alaa was hit in the face by shrapnel from one of the first roadside bombs planted by insurgents and intended for American forces.

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next (STV, 9pm)

DAVINA McCall and Nicky Campbell follow three stories of sons coming to terms with the past, including Marc Wolfe’s struggle to form a bond with his birth mother Esther, who lives in New Zealand. However, researchers were able to reunite him with his birth father David, and the pair have grown close. One significant hurdle remained in the form of introducing David to his adoptive father Terry, and cameras were there as Marc introduces his two dads to each other.

Paramedics: Britain’s Lifesavers (C4, 9pm)

THE documentary following West Midlands Ambulance Service at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Mental health nurse Jim counsels people who are struggling with self-isolation, while paramedics Karina and James respond to a call from a man who says he is armed and is threatening suicide. Despite losing his mother to the virus, paramedic Richard is working on the frontline while managing his anxiety about taking it home to his wife, whose health issues make her high risk.