The National:

NICOLA Sturgeon had hoped to stay off Twitter on her birthday, but some things are just too hard to ignore.

Take Boris Johnson’s plans to tour Scotland as part of a plan to save the Union, for instance.

The Prime Minister hopes to make several trips north to plead with Scots to stay on the sinking ship, with Michael Gove said to be in “panic mode” about the Union.

Reported on the day that the First Minister turned 50 years old, it was too good a chance to miss.

Sturgeon joked: “Nice of Boris to send me a birthday pressie.”

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Other Twitter users had some suggestions for the First Minister.

“Quarantine him for 14 days as soon as he crosses the border, just to be safe,” one wrote.

“Just line the border with fridges. He'll probably do it himself,” another added.

Many onlookers saw the potential pitfalls for the PM.

Stirling University lecturer Hannah Graham wrote: “Tory Prime Ministers tend to have a unifying effect in Scotland, just not the one they'd hope. Is Cummings coming on tour, too?

“Scottish Tory MSPs with any insight can't be too pleased at the prospect of gaffes, booing and protests to 'help' their #Holyrood2021 campaign.”

Another comment read: “If you ever wanted proof that the Tories don’t understand Scotland, it’s Boris thinking that him visiting will dampen the support for Indy and not bolster it...”