JACOB Rees-Mogg has been condemned for side-stepping scrutiny over a planned Tory power grab on Holyrood.

Pressed on the issue by SNP MP Tommy Sheppard, the Leader of the House of Commons ignored pleas to provide detail about the UK Government’s plans.

Instead, Rees-Mogg made jokes at his opponent’s expense and rehashed anti-independence lines.

Addressing MPs, SNP Commons spokesman Tommy Sheppard warned of a "major attack on devolution" with power being taken away from Scotland.

He said: "This week there has been a three-pronged attack on devolution. An announcement on state aid made it clear that Westminster will overrule Holyrood when it comes to providing support for our businesses to recover from this crisis.

"This was followed by a statement on the so-called shared prosperity fund which made it clear that the Scottish Government will have no control over whatever funding replaces EU structural funds.

"And the biggest insult will be announced here shortly. A Government press release tells us that the UK will seek to override and set aside decisions of the Scottish Parliament if it feels they affect UK trade.

"Were this already in force, it could have overturned decisions on free university tuition, smoking bans or minimum alcohol pricing. This is a major attack on devolution, taking power away from Scotland."

He had three specific questions for the Leader of the House.

Sheppard asked: “Does the UK Government intend to force this on the devolved administrations if they do not consent? And will these measures require new legislation? If so, when will this be introduced and what will happen if it cannot be passed before the end of the transition period?”

He urged Rees-Mogg to provide straightforward answers to the questions, without resorting to “personal references to my appearance or demeanour”.

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The Tory MP replied with jovial remarks about Sheppard’s surroundings.

He claimed that no powers are being taken away from the devolved administrations but failed to answer the SNP MP’s questions.

Rees-Mogg commented: "The position of the Scottish Government and the Scottish nationalists is bizarre that they want the powers to be with Brussels. There's no powers being taken away from the devolved authorities.

"What is happening is power is returning to the United Kingdom. We will have the authority to decide for ourselves these issues with regard to things that affect trade and subsidies."

Responding afterwards on Twitter, Sheppard posted: “As the Tory assault on devolution ramps up, Jacob Rees-Mogg won't even do us the courtesy of answering questions.”