The National:

AFTER months of Unionist nonsense about the First Minister breaking lockdown to get her hair done, Nicola Sturgeon has shared a photograph of her long-awaited reunion with stylist Julie.

Sturgeon has faced baseless accusations from Unionist men that she has been frequently breaking coronavirus restrictions to get her hair styled – despite photographs showing her and husband Peter attempting to keep it trimmed and tidy.

Unionists furiously tweeted conspiracy theories as her hair remained its usual colour throughout the crisis – mainly men who hadn’t figured out box dye exists, of course.

Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce was one of the men to claim Sturgeon “fibbed” about her hair, while Lord Digby Jones had also tweeted that the SNP leader’s tidy locks had been “concerning” him.

He called for answers from the First Minister – asking if it was “one rule for rulers” (the irony of a lord saying that is not lost on us).

She replied: “The number of men, like his Lordship here, who are obsessed with my hair is a bit weird tbh.

“Whereas most women look at it and just know no hairdresser has been anywhere near it,” followed by a crying laughing emoji.

The First Minister spoke of her challenges colouring her own hair with instructions from hairdresser Julie – so seeing her for the first time in months last night was the “sweetest reunion of all”, she posted.

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Unionists replied to the photograph again accusing her of breaking lockdown rules – but once again presenting absolutely zero evidence.

Darren Scott Gibson mocked their comments, posting: “There are about 1000 Unionists dissecting this picture right now for breach of coronavirus protection measures.”

Besides the infuriated Unionists, there were happier posts as Scots shared pictures of their own post-lockdown haircuts.

Hair salons were allowed to open in Scotland yesterday with enhanced hygiene measures to limit the spread of Covid-19.