WORKERS who travelled to Scotland after sharing a flight with people heading to a coronavirus-hit farm have been traced, government officials said.

Weeks ago a flight brought agricultural workers to the UK, with 63 people on board due to head to Scotland.

Some of the others on the plane were travelling to vegetable producer A S Green and Co in Herefordshire, which recently went into lockdown after tests showing 93 people had tested positive for Covid-19.

The Scottish Government said it had been alerted to the situation by Public Health England. A spokesperson explained testing was being made available to the workers and none had shown coronavirus symptoms.

They said: "A number of farm workers in Scotland travelled to the UK at the same time as those in Herefordshire.

"All those farm workers are understood to have undertaken the required 14-day quarantine on the farms where they are based and have exhibited no symptoms in that time.

"The risk of infection is understood to be very low in this case, however testing is being made available to all those working on these farms."

In England, workers as the A S Green farm have been asked to self-isolate at the site’s accommodation.

Three staff who left the farm against the advice of health officials have been traced and are in quarantine.

Katie Spence, Midlands health protection director at Public Health England, said: "Information gathered from both the recruitment company and from the workers themselves suggested that those workers who tested positive were not showing any symptoms of Covid-19 at the time they travelled to the UK.

"We know, however, that there is a risk that people can transmit the infection before - or without ever - developing symptoms, and this is why we've taken a precautionary approach to follow-up workers who were on the same flight as the confirmed cases."