JOANNA Cherry has called on the SNP to pull together “some serious contingency planning” and prepare for Boris Johnson to say no to any appeal for indyref2.

Writing in today’s The National, the MP for Edinburgh South West said the “disrespect” shown to the Scottish Parliament by the Tory Government over Brexit should prompt questions over the likelihood of Nicola Sturgeon being granted the powers to hold a legally watertight referendum after the next Scottish Parliament election.

Cherry says: “The question for the independence movement and for the SNP is whether, with this level of disrespect for Scottish democracy, we can be sure that a second independence referendum will be guaranteed simply by the SNP winning yet another election.”

She adds: “This Westminster Tory Government is ripping up the rule book. It is time for some serious contingency planning.”

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Sturgeon requested a Section 30 order last December after the SNP won 48 of Scotland’s 59 constituencies at the general election.

Johnson rejected it saying the 2014 vote had settled the issue.

It’s not clear what the SNP will do if the Prime Minister rejects any further request. SNP politicians Angus MacNeil and Chris McEleny have advocated a “Plan B” which would ditch a referendum and use the Holyrood election next year as a proxy vote on independence.