BORIS Johnson has claimed that the Scottish people should be “celebrating” a Westminster plot to seize powers from Holyrood.

The Prime Minister also argued the UK Government’s power grab would be “the single biggest act of devolution” in modern history.

The Tory leader made the comments after being pressed by Ian Blackford on plans to create powers over a UK “internal market” following Brexit which would force devolved nations to accept any standards agreed in future trade deals.

The SNP Westminster leader said: “Tomorrow, this Tory government will publish legislation for its biggest power grab since the Scottish people voted overwhelmingly for the Scottish Parliament in 1997. Westminster’s plan to appoint an unelected, unaccountable body to rule on decisions made by the Scottish Parliament will not be accepted.

“The decisions of the Scottish Parliament must, and will be, made by the Scottish people.”

He asked: “Will the Prime Minister confirm that his Tory government are once again ignoring the wishes of the Scottish people and launching their hostile agenda against devolution?”

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Johnson replied: “What we are doing is possibly the single biggest act of devolution to Scotland, to Wales, to Northern Ireland in modern memory.

“[Blackford] should be celebrating the 70 powers or more that are going to be transferred to the elected people in Scotland.”

Watch the full exchange below.