NICOLA Sturgeon ordered pubs to comply with Covid-19 control rules yesterday as she warned Scotland not to take recovery for granted.

The First Minister urged bars and other hospitality businesses to take down the names and contact details of all patrons after reports emerged that some beer gardens were sidestepping the requirement.

It was put in place to make track-and-trace efforts easier as the country moves through its route out of lockdown.

At her daily press conference, the FM said reopening indoor hospitality this week is one of the steps she is “most nervous about” due to the increased virus transmission risks in enclosed spaces.

However, she said “we can’t keep everything in lockdown forever” because of the other harms shutdowns and isolation can do.

The SNP leader said: “We can’t keep everything in lockdown forever. If people or businesses don’t comply with these rules we will be back were we started quicker than anyone of us care to consider right now.”

Sturgeon said the example of Melbourne, where strong restrictions had to be reintroduced after an outbreak flared, should be a lesson for Scotland.

And, on claims that not all publicans have been taking the details of customers, she said: “We are not asking anybody – beer gardens or individuals – to follow these guidelines for no reason.

“We are asking for these things for a purpose.”

The First Minister went on: “This can change quicker than makes any of us comfortable. If you don’t want to go back to a position where pubs are closed and we have got more severe restrictions again, then follow these rules.”

The warning came amidst confirmation that a new cluster of Covid-19 cases has been detected at a care home in the Glasgow area.

The seven cases – all asymptomatic – are amongst 12 in that region declared on Sunday, out of a total of 19 new diagnoses across the country.

The facility has not yet been named and it is not known if the individuals involved are residents or staff.

Sturgeon said: “All necessary follow-up tests, checks and precautions are being undertaken.”

No coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Scotland for five days running.

However, Sunday was the second consecutive day when new cases were higher than they had been for several weeks.

Yesterday Health Secretary Jeane Freeman confirmed reports from nationwide care sector body Scottish Care that some GPs and directors of public health have refused to test people going into care homes, in contravention of the Scottish Government’s policy.

She said she would be in contact with those individuals to spell out what is required, stating: “The guidance and the requirement is crystal clear on this.

“If you are to be admitted to a care home, unless there is a clinical reason not to do this, then there should be one negative test before that admission and then the individual needs to be nursed and looked after in their own room in isolation for the 14 days to be absolutely sure that, even with a negative test, no symptoms are going to be developed.”

Meanwhile, breast cancer screening is to start again from August 3 after its pandemic suspension.

Freeman said it will “take a bit of time” before the service is fully up and running again and women who should have had their breasts checked for signs of cancer over that period will be sent letters offering them appointments.

Women who are now due appointments as part of the routine screening process should also receive them.