NO coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Scotland for the fifth day in a row.

It means the total number of people who have died after testing positive for Covid-19 remains 2490.

An additional six cases were confirmed yesterday, taking the total to 18,365.

Some 550 patients are currently in hospital with the virus, either confirmed or suspected. That's 13 fewer than yesterday but includes an increase of 6 in the number of confirmed cases.

Of those six were in intensive care last night with confirmed or suspected Covid-19, no change from yesterday.

Speaking at the Scottish Government’s briefing, Nicola Sturgeon said: "Now this is the fifth day in a row on which no deaths have been reported but it is worth providing just a little bit of context for the past two days.

"At the outset of the Covid outbreak registration offices took special steps to allow for seven-day operations. I'm very grateful to them and their staff for doing so.

“But some offices are going back to their usual pattern of being open only on weekdays, although for emergency situations they continue to provide weekend arrangements. Yesterday's figure of zero deaths is, therefore, welcome but has to be seen in that context."

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The FM added: “And regardless of the figures for any specific day, it's still important to remember the enormous impact the virus has had, and I want to convey my condolences again to anyone that has lost a loved one to this illness."

Sturgeon also issued a note of caution over a recent upturn in the number of new cases in Glasgow.

"Yesterday, 19 new cases were reported," she said. "On Friday, it was 18. On any occasion where there is an incidence like that, I want to give reassurance that we look very, very thoroughly to see if there are any patterns or causes for concern.

"With respect to yesterday, the 19 cases reported yesterday, we know that 12 of these cases were in Glasgow, and 7 of those, all of which were asymptomatic cases, related to one single care home."

"That is being looked at in much more detail and all necessary follow-up tests, checks and precautions are being undertaken."