AN SNP MP has lodged formal complaints about a Tory councillor who sarcastically asked if Black Jack sweets are still “allowed” amid widespread anti-racism campaigning.

West Lothian councillor Damian Timson sparked outrage after he tweeted a picture of the retro treat with the caption: “Presume these are still allowed, not had for ages.... how good are they?!”

The comment followed the removal of a handful of British comedy shows from certain streaming sites following concerns over the use of blackface or racial slurs in episodes.

He also liked a tweet describing George Floyd – the black man whose death after being knelt on by a US police officer ignited huge anti-racism protests across the world – as a “drug-abusing armed robber” who was “off his face on methamphetamines”, encouraging people to “stop making a martyr out of this career criminal”.

The councillor has now been reported to his party, his local authority and standards commissioner, the Herald reported.

Livingston MP Hannah Bardell lodged the complaints in letters to Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw, West Lothian Council and the Ethical Standards Commissioner.

The Tories have claimed that the matter is “closed” after Timson apologised.

But Bardell invited Carlaw to condemn the councillor’s comments and explain what action has been taken. She wrote: “I hope you will agree that racist comments and references like his by an elected representative have absolutely no place in our community or country.

“It beggars belief that an elected representative of West Lothian Council who is the Conservative group leader would make racist jokes and belittle the vital work of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

“The comments of Damian Timson are grossly offensive to the movement and to those who suffer racial abuse on a daily basis. He must apologise and reflect on his position.”

The National: Outraged: SNP MP Hannah BardellOutraged: SNP MP Hannah Bardell

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The SNP MP added: “I would therefore ask for your comments on this matter, what you as the leader of the Scottish Conservatives have done and are doing to reprimand, educate and hold Mr Timson to account. His behaviour has shamed our community and appropriate action must be taken.”

In her letter to Graham Hope, chief executive of West Lothian Council, Bardell wrote: “Of further concern was posts that Mr Timson ‘liked’ on Twitter including one asking why we were being ‘subjected’ to George Floyd’s funeral.

“It is clear that Mr Timson holds racist views and is incapable of understanding the impact of the death of George Floyd and what needs to be done to tackle the issues.”

After his comments came to light, the Tories said Timson “recognises now that it could have been taken to be in poor taste, and apologises to anyone genuinely offended by the content”.

A spokesman for the Ethical Standards Commissioner said it could not comment as any complaints received must be treated confidentially.

A spokesman for West Lothian Council said: “All complaints regarding elected members are dealt with in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Councillors. Compliance with the Code is the personal responsibility of each councillor and is enforced by the Standards Commission for Scotland.”

A Scottish Conservative party spokesman commented: “Cllr Timson has apologised for any offence caused by the tweet and the matter is closed.”