THE First Minister has condemned a group of protesters who urged visitors from England not to cross the Scottish Border.

Nicola Sturgeon insisted the small group of activists – some of whom wore hazmat suits and face masks – did not speak for her.

It comes after Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf described the incident as “horrible, reprehensible and vile”.

Protesters staged a demonstration on the A1 on Saturday, hanging up a banner reading "Staycation – Keep Scotland Covid-Free" beneath the official Welcome to Scotland sign at the side of the road.

It followed a row over suggestions visitors from the rest of the UK could be asked to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving in Scotland.

The First Minister has previously not ruled out the move but has currently no plans to introduce it.

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Asked about the weekend protest at her daily coronavirus briefing, she said: "The people who protested at the Border did not speak for me.

"They were not there on my behalf and they were not there communicating a message that I endorse in any way. In fact, I would emphatically say I don’t endorse that.

“This is not a question about whether people in England are welcome in Scotland.

“Of course they are, just as people in Scotland, hopefully, are welcome in England."

Asked if SNP members who took part in the demo could be kicked out of the party, she said she would not speak about internal processes.