RICHARD Leonard’s leadership of Scottish Labour is in serious doubt after a new poll showed the party losing seven seats at next year’s election.

According to the Panelbase survey for the Sunday Times, Labour’s share of both the constituency vote and the regional list would fall to 15%.

Astonishingly, that’s less than half what they took in 2003 when they polled 34.6% and 29.3%

It’s a far cry even from the 2016 election, when, under Kezia Dugdale’s leadership, the party took 21.6% in the constituency vote, and 19.1% in the regional list.

The dire prediction will only fuel speculation that Leonard’s time in charge will need to come to an end.

Last month, during a virtual “Call Keir” question and answer session with voters in Scotland last week, Keir Starmer was told Leonard had “no charisma”.

Douglas, a caller from East Kilbride, said that he and his 92-year-old father had been lifelong Labour voters until the last General Election.

Asked by Starmer why Labour had lost their votes, he said: “There was nobody there that I could relate to.

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“I couldn’t even tell you now who the leader is of the Scottish Labour Party.”

Speaking after the Call Keir session with Lanarkshire residents, Starmer was asked if he was concerned about Leonard’s apparent lack of public profile and asked if he should take the party into the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.

He replied: “I do think he’s the right man to lead us into those elections.

“I’m working closely with him and the visibility, the impact, the punch the Labour Party has is as much my responsibility as anybody else’s.

“The best way I can do that is by spending time in Scotland, being in Scotland and I intend to do that as much as I can.

The polling will also be unwelcome at Tory HQ too, with the party also down to 20% and 18%.

That would see Jackson Carlaw losing seven of his MSPs, taking them down to 24.

Tory MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston described the poll as “disappointing” but said the media was to blame.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “It comes after months of broadcast media providing an almost unchallenged platform for the SNP to push a false narrative that fatal testing delays, a crisis in our care homes and 4000+ Covid-19 deaths is somehow ‘getting it right’.

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“The SNP has no new indy ideas. They’ve still no answers to the questions they failed to answer in 2014. They still want to break Scotland away from our largest trading partner, and do so at a time of real economic uncertainty. They’ve no idea even of the currency they’d use.”

However, according to the poll, the public do feel the SNP is “getting it right”.

Support for Nicola Sturgeon’s party in the constituency vote was up two points to 55%.

On the list, the SNP were on 50%, the Greens on 8% and the LibDems on 6%.

That would give Sturgeon an extra 11 MSPs, taking her to 74, securing another four years.

The LibDems would stay still, keeping their five MSPs, while the Greens would gain another three seats, taking them to nine.

The party’s co-leader, Patrick Harvie, tweeted: “Polling suggests the Greens are on track for our best ever result – the only opposition party to make gains, and taking seats in every region of Scotland for the first time.

“We’ll keep working hard to make a difference for people and planet, and make this a reality!”