YOU could count on one hand the number of documentaries that have been made about sportswomen. In fact, that might be a great quiz question – along with name three books written about sportswomen in Scotland.

However, we are in for a real treat tomorrow when we can tune in to hear about the amazing journey of Kristen Fraser, a boxer from Aberdeen and the first Scottish female to turn professional.

For Fraser, the aim of the film is to showcase the strength and skills a female boxer has and to dispel any thoughts that women are second class in the ring to men, and that their fights aren’t exciting enough. Her journey has been tough and not without disappointment, but that only helps to make for great viewing.

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To be truthful, women in most – if not all – sports have had to work hard at overcoming prejudice for years. Many people write off women participating in “male-dominated” sports before giving them a chance, and their performances are compared unfavourably to men. This isn’t a level playing field, given that women in sport haven’t had the same opportunities or financial support in their ascent up the pathway to elite performance.

Having the same type of support from the beginning would change this uneven playing field and until we can say, without a shadow of a doubt that there are equal opportunities and finance for both male and females in all sports, there will can be no arguments about their respective abilities.

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Kristen and her wife Kirsty have just welcomed their first child into the world and I am sure they are hoping that when she grows up, the world will be a more diverse and understanding place for people to live in.

Being different doesn’t stop you from being equal, and Kristen knows more about this than most as her choice of job as a subsea engineer in the oil and gas sector raises a few eyebrows among those traditionalists, who still don’t grasp, the “you can do anything” message.

So tune in to The Boxer on BBC Scotland at 10pm tomorrow to get an insight into this amazing young women and find out what her next challenge is.