Coronation Street: Stories That Gripped The Nation (STV, 8.30pm)

NEW series. Comedian Jason Manford narrates a programme that trawls the archives of the soap for its most memorable storylines, moments and characters from the past 60 years, with each episode curated to bring alive a theme via specially selected highlights. The first instalment focuses on the way the soap has always connected with its audience and made headlines by reflecting on storylines that captured the public’s imagination, including the tram crash of 2010 and the Mike, Ken and Deirdre love triangle.

The Secrets She Keeps (BBC1, 9pm)

THIS Australian psychological thriller stars Jessica De Gouw as Meghan, a rising “mummy blogger” who is pregnant with her third child. To shelf-stacker Agatha (Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael), who is also pregnant, Meghan seems to have it all. But Meghan’s husband, TV sports reporter Jack, is experiencing money problems and isn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of another child. Agatha also has secrets of her own – and the two women’s lives are about to collide.

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Long Lost Family: What Happened Next (STV, 9pm)

LONG Lost Family has reunited 336 people with missing relatives. Many viewers have wondered how the relationships fared when the filming stopped. This series catches up on some of the people who have featured. The first episode includes the remarkable story of Kathleen Fraser Jackson, who wanted to find her birth mother and found herself on an epic journey. It also features a story that has not been seen before as Jason Tyers searches for his twin sister.

Pluto: Back from the Dead (BBC2, 9pm)

NEW discoveries from the edge of the solar system are transforming what is known about Pluto, thanks to the New Horizons space probe that took the first-ever close-up images of the planet. Pluto was once thought to be geologically dead, but the pictures revealed it to be an active world of stunning complexity, with mountains carved from ice, a nitrogen glacier that appeared to be moving and a recently active volcano, with data sent back leading scientists to speculate that there may even be life on Pluto today.