TOP SNP figures have hit out at protesters on the Scottish Border who said they were attempting to protect Scotland from the coronavirus.

The Yes protesters hung banners on the Border saying "Staycation keep Scotland Covid free" and shouted to discourage people crossing into the country from England.

Commenting on the protests, MP Pete Wishart wrote: "I have no idea how anybody would think this would win over support for independence.

"It could not be more counter productive and ill-conceived."

He was joined in condemning those on the Border by Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf, who tweeted in harsh terms: "If you are a racist you are no friend of mine and no part of the movement I belong to.

"Horrible, reprehensible and vile. Luckily these morons don't represent the Scotland I know and love."

The protesters can be heard to shout "stay the f**k away" and "covidiots". 

However, the prominent voices weren't all condemning the protests, with SNP MP Angus MacNeil tweeting: "Looks like Scotland's southern border has been found :))"

Others were quick to disagree with Wishart and Yousaf's assessment of the situation, saying it was a reflection of the desire of the majority of Scots to see some form of border restrictions in place.

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A Panelbase poll The National reported on earlier today found that 73% of Scots support some kind of control measures.

Others questioned why Scots were being labeled "reprehensible" when the same was apparently happening in areas of England.

People on bridges in Cornwall were reportedly seen today holding banners telling new arrivals to "turn around and f**k off".