SCOTTISH Tories are calling for an end to the Scottish Government’s daily Covid-19 briefings – claiming they are a “30-minute party political broadcast”.

Speaking at today’s briefing, Nicola Sturgeon explained why her government had not signed up to Westminster’s plan to abandon quarantine rules for those coming into the UK from at least 50 countries as of July 10.

She accused the UK Government of having a “shambolic” decision-making process, said they changed the countries featured on the list, and stressed Scotland needs to reopen safely.

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Reiterating her desire for alignment with the rest of the UK, the SNP leader concluded that she thinks it’s likely Scotland will be able to agree with the UK on a list of low-risk countries, but there may need to be further thought put into the “medium-risk” nations featured where Covid-19 is more prevalent than in Scotland.

Following today’s briefing, Tory MSP Murdo Fraser called it “absolute nonsense” that BBC Scotland is broadcasting the sessions.

Downing Street was holding daily coronavirus briefings until last week, when it decided to axe them and instead host sessions ahead of key changes being made to the Covid-19 response.

Fraser tweeted: “It’s absolute nonsense that @BBCScotlandNews are still broadcasting live every day a 30 minute Party Political Broadcast by the SNP, with no opportunity for a response by any other Party or contrary views expressed. This has to end.” A handful of Scottish Tories retweeted the post.

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan responded to accuse Fraser of scraping the barrel.

He went on: “Communicating directly with the population the up to date information is important. Covid hasn't gone away. Why are you scared that information is shared?”

Meanwhile Jeane Freeman rejected the comparison with a political broadcast. The Health Secretary told Fraser: “Had no idea @ScotTories thought it ‘absolute nonsense’ for the Government of Scotland to speak directly to the people we are accountable to. Wow. And BTW, impugning senior clinical advisers is not a good look.”