Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food and (C4, 8pm) JAMIE Oliver cooks up four more swift and tasty dishes, starting with his Sicilian tuna pasta, followed by sticky teriyaki aubergine. Next up, the chef prepares his super-quick and easy version of spicy beef and cauliflower rice, a useful way to impart gorgeous Indonesian flavours fast. To top it all off, he makes asparagus and eggs with a French dressing – the perfect food for someone seeking something utterly simple and totally stress-free.

The Pembrokeshire Coast: A Wild Year (BBC2, 9pm)

IN the far south-west corner of Wales lies Pembrokeshire’s dynamic coast, on the edge of the Atlantic. Life here is defined by the power of the ocean. The seasons are marked by the arrival of puffins, which court by tapping their multi-coloured bills. Farmers grow the earliest potatoes on these coasts, while sheep are used to maintain the clifftop pastures for the rare choughs that use their long red beaks to probe for grubs. As autumn arrives, grey seals produce their white-coated pups just before gales bring the force of the Atlantic bearing down on these shores.

A Greek Odyssey with Bettany Hughes (C5, 9pm)

ARRIVING on Crete just as a storm hits, the historian is lucky to land before the seas become impassable and the annual Christian Epiphany festivities are hampered. She travels to the ruins of the ancient city of Knossos. Beneath its palace, the legendary King Minos is said to have kept a crazed half-man, half-bull – the Minotaur. Bettany meets Professor Stampolidis, whose archaeological discoveries prove links between ancient legend and historical reality.

Huey Morgan’s Latin Music Adventure (BBC4, 9.30pm)

IN this new series, the Fun Lovin’ Criminal explores some of the best music from Puerto Rica, Cuba and – in the first show – Brazil. First stop is Rio where he visits a samba school as they prepare for carnival. He learns this year will be an important one for Brazil – the new right-wing government has come out against the hedonistic atmosphere of carnival. In Salvador, Huey meets with percussionist Carlinhos Brown to experience the rhythms of an Afro bloc up close, and discuss how Afro positive music has shaped the sound of Brazil.