BORIS Johnson has been hailed as the Yes campaign’s “greatest recruiting sergeant” after he claimed there is no border between Scotland and England.

SNP MP Pete Wishart – who suggested there is a border “between Boris Johnson and reality” – condemned the Prime Minister for politicising potential public health precautions and said he was driving Scots towards independence.

The Tory leader was also challenged to engage with the Scottish Government on the constitutional debate and make the case for "Brexit Britain" – or face a drawn out battle.

Wishart also clarified this morning that there are no SNP plans to withdraw MPs from Westminster if the UK Government continues to refuse to grant a Section 30 order for indyref2.

“There’s no way on earth we’d leave our constituents at the mercy of the Westminster Tories,” he told Sky News.

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On a second Scottish independence referendum, Wishart explained: “I think for Boris Johnson and the Westminster Tories, there’s two ways they could look at this.

"One, they can engage with the majority mandate from the Scottish people as expressed the next Holyrood election and … put the case for the Union and tell us why we should remain in Brexit Britain.”

If the UK Government refuses to engage in the constitutional debate, Wishart warned it would be “a long drawn out process which will do nobody any good whatsoever”.

Asked about suggestions the Scottish Government would consider border checks on visitors from England if Covid-19 cases rise south of the Border, Wishart said it would be irresponsible not to do so.

“If there was a clinical and medical case for us to look at some of these issues with cross border traffic, then it's incumbent upon us to do that. There is no current plans and arrangements to have any sort of thing like a border coming in between Scotland and England.

“But if there's some medical and clinical case for that, it's incumbent upon any administration to look at that to ensure that we look after the safety of the people who live in that country, primarily above everything else.”

FACT CHECK: Boris Johnson's bonkers claim about the Scottish Border

Wishart then addressed Johnson’s false claim at Prime Minister’s Questions that there is no border between England and Scotland.

The SNP MP said: “Boris Johnson ridiculously trying to politicise and constitutionalise this yesterday was just singularly absurd.

“That type of remark just drives more and more people to the cause of Scottish independence. So in some regards you say keep going Boris, you’re our greatest recruiting sergeant.”

A Number 10 spokesman said after PMQs that Johnson was trying to make the point that there is no “border infrastructure” between Scotland and England.