A LIBRARY of Yes banners is being set up by Grassroots Oban for Independence in a new initiative which will see them spread across Scotland.

The concept is that each local Yes group pays a library membership fee of £160 to cover the cost of five 2m x 1m banners and postage from the manufacturer.

The banners will be made by Edinburgh Banners and sent directly to member groups for a month’s display on sites in the group’s area.

At the end of the month each group will forward its banners to another group and receive a fresh set. This way they will be rotated regularly enough to keep the public attention.

Grassroots Oban said it will organise the manufacture, printing, delivery and subsequent exchange of banners with the cost of posting to be covered by each group.

The banners will be heavy duty vinyl, single-sided, hemmed and have eyelets.

Grassroots Oban for Independence told The National: “Initially we would ask each group to choose five designs from those on www.grassrootsoban.scot/banner-library.

“As designs are chosen and paid for they will be removed from the gallery.

“Please send an email with your chosen designs to banners@grassrootsoban.scot. Payment should be by bank transfer or - if absolutely necessary – by cheque to Grassroots Oban. We will provide the bank details when you order. Suggestions for designs would be welcome.”