BORIS Johnson’s multi-billion pound plan to “build, build, build” Britain’s pandemic-wrecked economy looks set to leave the devolved administrations short-changed.

The governments in Edinburgh and Cardiff have both said that the £5 billion “new deal” announced by the Prime Minister yesterday will not lead to a “single penny” of Barnett consequentials.

There was little new in the post-coronavirus recovery plan announced by Johnson yesterday, with Johnson announcing the plans already set out in last year’s Tory election manifesto would be speeded up and “intensified”.

Projects announced yesterday include money for hospitals, schools and affordable homes. He also promised to spend money on road network projects, including the dualling of the A1 in Scotland.

Johnson said now was “the moment to strengthen that incredible partnership between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”.

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He added: “And I know that some have sometimes played up the legitimate variations in the response between the devolved administrations but when you look at the whole effort you can see the absolutely vital role of that union and that partnership.

“It is our fantastic UK armed services that have played such a crucial role in this crisis running the test centres, building the hospitals, transporting people from the Shetlands to the right Covid wards.

“It was the might of the UK Treasury that set up that furlough scheme in all corners of the country and sent massive and immediate extra funding to all four parts of the UK.

“I believe the Union has more than showed its worth and a prosperous and united kingdom must be a connected kingdom and that is why we are now accelerating projects from south-west to the north-east, from Wales to Scotland to Northern Ireland and to drive economic growth in all parts of the country”.

Johnson promised to carry out a study “of all future road, rail, air and cross-sea links” between the four parts of the UK, reviving the prospect of a bridge between Scotland and Ireland.

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Speaking at the Scottish Government’s daily coronavirus briefing Nicola Sturgeon said she was “extremely underwhelmed” by Johnson’s spending announcement.

She said the plans appeared to be “simply shuffling around money that was already in the system” and was not likely to trigger further financial consequentials.

She said: “To put it mildly, I am extremely underwhelmed by what has been announced this morning.

“We can often judge the scale of fiscal announcements from the UK Government by what we expect them to see in consequentials to devolved administrations.

“I hope I’m wrong about what I’m about to say, but our expectation is there will be no additional consequentials from the Prime Minister’s announcement this morning for Scotland or the other devolved administrations.

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“We may see a re-profiling of consequentials we were already expecting, but we are certainly not expecting any significant additional consequentials.

“That tells its own story. What that says is that this is not new money.”

Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said the Prime Minister was recycling money found “down the back of departmental sofas”.

He said: “I know he’s been presenting it as a ‘new deal’ [but] it’s not so much new deal as no deal.”

“If you look at what’s actually happening from his announcement today, we don’t understand there was a single penny of new investment for Wales.”