THE First Minister has announced a further three people have died with Covid-19 in Scotland following four days with no deaths from the virus.

Speaking at her daily briefing, Nicola Sturgeon also told viewers that another 10 people had tested positive for the virus in the last 24 hours.

The SNP leader added that there had been an increase of 145 people in hospital with suspected coronavirus since yesterday – but she warned the number of confirmed cases fell by three, so people should not be “too concerned by what appears to be a big headline increase”.

The First Minister also urged people not be complacent about coronavirus restrictions, warning the virus hasn’t gone away and people should do everything they can to help slow the spread of Covid-19.

“We saw from late March onwards just how quickly low levels of the virus can spread to become much higher, and we saw then the consequences of that,” she warned.

Sturgeon also spoke on the local lockdown introduced in Leicester last night and stressed that further outbreaks are likely in Scotland.

“The WHO pointed out yesterday that although many countries are now making progress in tackling Covid, including our own, the pandemic, globally, is actually speeding up, and it is not close to being over,” she told Scots.

"I don't say any of this to depress anyone, but I say it as a very loud reminder that the virus hasn't gone away. It is still present, which is why we are seeing some new cases in Scotland.

"And it is just as infectious and just as dangerous as it ever was. And it will come back hard if we let it.”