THE Loyalist group behind the “racist thuggery” at a protest in Glasgow’s George Square seemingly has links to a Neo-Nazi from England.

Earlier this month, six men were arrested after the National Defence League tried to hijack a demonstration about better housing for refugees and asylum seekers.

The NDL said it was in the city centre to “protect the Cenotaph” but images on social media showed men throwing missiles, singing Rule Britannia and clashing with police.

At the time, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said their actions shamed Scotland. She tweeted: “Disgraceful scenes in Glasgow tonight. Racist thugs shame Scotland.

“If they break the law, they should face the full force of it. And all of us should unite to say that welcoming refugees and asylum seekers is part of who we are.”

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said the incident had “nothing to do with statues and everything to do with racist thuggery”.

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Details of some of the men behind the NDL have been now revealed by anti-racism groups Hope Not Hate and the Glasgow Antifascist Alliance.

They say one of the founders of the NDL is Lee Parkinson from Leeds. He reportedly has previously been involved with the English Defence League.

One prominent Facebook picture of Parkinson shows him bare-chested showing off his tattoos.

The words “Blood & Honour” are prominent.

The anti-racist Southern Poverty Law Center in the US describes Blood & Honour as “a shadowy international coalition of racist skinhead gangs”.

It has been active in the UK since 1987, acting as a sort of neo-Nazi music promotion group.

Hope Not Hate said: “One of the founders of NDL is former Leeds Nazi, Lee Parkinson. Heavily tattooed with Nazi images, Parkinson has been flitting between Leeds and Scarborough in England and Scotland.

“Parkinson is one of the admins on the NDL Facebook page and has been linked to just about every fascist and far right group in England.”

The NDL is believed to have been formed after splits in the far right Scottish Defence League.

Parkinson did not respond to The National’s requests for a comment.