Wimbledon: The Best of the Championship (BBC2, 8pm)

SUE Barker presents from the All England club, where she is joined by Tim Henman and Boris Becker in the studio and by John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova via video link to look back on highlights of the past. Viewers also have the opportunity to contribute with online votes, quizzes and the chance to send in their attempts at trick shots for review.

Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads (BBC1, 8.45pm)

NEW performances of the writer’s series of monologues continue with Her Big Chance, starring Jodie Comer. Actress Lesley prides herself on her professionalism – always getting involved up to the hilt, even if the job is just a walk-on. She tends to play fun-loving girls, although she’s a very serious person. She’s offered an audition by Spud, an interesting man she meets at a party. At the audition, after she has stripped down to bra and panties, she’s given the part of Travis, who spends the film on the deck of a yacht.

Devon and Cornwall: Fishing Lives (More4, 9pm)

THIS episode of the ongoing series features people who rely on the sea to survive in this corner of Britain. In Brixham, cameras focus on trawlerman Dave Driver as he sets out to sea on his boat in search of cuttlefish. He and his crew travel out 25 miles from the Devon shore for an 18-hour shift in pursuit of a good haul.

Italy’s Frontline: A Doctor’s Diary (BBC2, 9pm)

ACTRESS Florence Pugh narrates this often moving documentary focusing on three months of life on the Covid frontline with A&E doctor Francesca Mangiatordi. Cameras focus on the early days of the outbreak, and the hospital in Cremona, northern Italy is overflowing; Francesa works exhausting 12-hour shifts caring for those most affected. Due to a lack of life-saving equipment, she faces the heart breaking task of choosing which lives to try to save. On the domestic front, there are also problems as Francesca is fearful of infecting her husband.