AFTER a catastrophic run on Downing Street, they who lurk in the shadows have cancelled the daily Covid-19 briefs. It must be said that the writing was on the wall as far as its longevity was concerned when they cut the weekend specials and it became apparent that the leading clown had very little appetite for podium work leaving it instead to his minions who quite frankly could not live up to their billing. Not one of them being able to deliver the role that the casting director, one Dominic Cummings, hired them to do!

More seriously, the Johnson administration must have found the whole thing an insult to their rank and privilege having to stand and be “answerable” to the plebs. What next, are they to follow HMG procurement procedures in regards to contracts?

Johnson failed to inspire and his cabinet failed to reassure day after day it was, as Wee Skribbles wrote, “a show that had more car crash moments than The Blues Brothers”.

So what next for a troop of actors still with four and a bit years to run on their booking? What exactly does the country do with a street full of underachievers that only seem to sparkle when dishing out contracts?

Well, as with all productions, you cannot just blame those in front of the camera. An equal portion of blame must be levelled at the production team, from the producer/director Cummings, all the way down to whoever thought ruffled hair and a condescending smirk were for winners. Each and every one of them need sacked.

We in Scotland of course are edging towards separating from them completely. We already know that their performing best was many, many years ago – if indeed it was ever there at all? Their characters lack sincerity mainly because they are poorly rehearsed and poorly researched.

Scotland, her voters and our resources are pulling out of this failing imperial troop, this poorly lead gaggle of fools we are setting up as an independent nation.

Our people deserve so much better than that served up by the Westminster establishment and to that end we need to ensure that they get it. We cannot and should not be expected to just go back to pre-pandemic norms. We must push forward with gaining our independence.

As the light is extinguished in Downing Street, let’s remember that Scotland’s future is bright, independence is right.

Cliff Purvis

via email