MHAIRI Black carpeted Keir Starmer after the Labour leader announced the party’s unconditional opposition to indyref2.

The shadow Scotland secretary spoke out as polls show increasing support for independence among Scottish Labour voters.

During a Zoom briefing today, Starmer said “breaking up” the Union just as the UK faces an economic downturn is the “wrong thing to do”.

He also stood by Scottish party leader Richard Leonard, despite the party being left with just one MP after the General Election in December.

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Responding, Black said: "Keir Starmer's comments against a second independence referendum highlights why Labour were humiliated at the last General Election and left with all but one of their MPs in Scotland.

"At the same time as a recent Panelbase survey revealed that an increasing number of Labour voters (37%) now intend to vote Yes, the remarks from the Labour leader show just how detached the party has become from people in Scotland and why they are languishing in the polls.”

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She added: "It's quite telling that the Labour leader who was open to a second EU referendum is so firmly against the people of Scotland having a say over their future.

"With poll after poll showing majority support for a second independence referendum, the people of Scotland must have the choice over a better future than the broken Westminster system being imposed upon us against our will – and that decision lies solely with the people of Scotland.”

SNP MP Pete Wishart, commenting on the news that Labour would unconditionally oppose indyref2, tweeted: "The Labour deathwish continues."