ABERDEEN residents have condemned the “disgusting” racist graffiti which appeared on two bus stops on a main road in the city this morning.

Two bus stops on the Lang Stracht in the west of the city were hit with graffiti reading “white lives matter”, “white power” and “whites matter n****** die”.

Local residents shared images of the vandalism on Twitter this morning, with one user, Moray Fraser, saying it was “absolutely horrifying” to spot the spray-paint.

Twitter user @dollydigital lives nearby and upon hearing the news this morning decided to head out to clean it up.

The National:

“I didn’t like the fact it could have still been there. The first opportunity I had to get out, I did,” he told The National.

“Who finds themselves emboldened enough to go and write this on one of the major roads into the city?” He asked. “It’s just disgusting.”

He went on: “Black neighbours go and get the bus and that’s what they’re met with? I’ve got two kids, I wouldn’t like to be standing at a bus stop with that written all over it either.

“It’s not the right way to bring up your kids. You should be aware these things are happening – and I told my kids about it, but I didn’t like the fact it would just be sitting there.”

When Dolly Digital arrived at the scene, he reports there were police in attendance and workers cleaning up the vile slurs. He was pleased to see the vandalism was being dealt with, but added he was still concerned by what he’d seen.

“There’s just no place for that. It’s 2020 – there’s no difference between a white person and a black person,” he said.

Online, other Aberdeen residents condemned the images. "Today I am not proud of my home city. Sickening," posted one Twitter user. Others called it a "disgrace" and one added: "That's not the Aberdeen I know."

Sergeant Tom Spencer of the West End/Hazlehead Community Policing Team said: "Around 10.10am on Thursday, June 25, we received reports of racist graffiti on bus stops on Lewis Road in Aberdeen.

“Officers are checking CCTV in the area and enquires into the incident are ongoing.

“The graffiti has since been removed.”