YET another letter seeking to turn Scotland into North Korea (Letters, June 24). It seems I am alone in pointing out the impracticality of this. So, let me accept that I am in the minority but let me just ask for some clarification.

How will you feed the Scottish population that lives along the Border for whom the nearest supermarkets are in England? When will you be opening the new accident and emergency facility in East Dumfriesshire to replace the Cumberland Royal Infirmary? When will the new dentists, opticians, physiotherapists, podiatrists, orthopedic practicioners be in place?

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What compensation will you be paying to the thousands of Scottish residents who are unable to travel to their jobs? What compensation will you be paying to the Scottish businesses who rely on customers from over the Border? What compensation arrangements do you have for Scottish businesses in the travel and hospitality sector? What grants will be available for Scottish businesses who serve customers on both sides of the Border?

How many people do you estimate that it will take to police the 30+ Border crossings? What will the cost be and how will you raise the money? What new export markets have you identified for Scottish farm products, fish and energy? Whose responsibility will it be to compensate businesses in Northern Ireland for denying them access to their markets? What arrangements do you envisage for getting supplies to Northern Ireland? What will be the effect of increased travel on Scotland’s climate targets?

What improved public transport provision have you made? Will you compensate home owners in southern Scotland for the crash in their house prices? How will you prevent people escaping?

It is telling that of all the people calling for the Border to be closed, none of them actually live anywhere near the Border.

Ian Richmond
Springfield, Dumfries and Galloway