BOJO the clown is at it again. His apparently harmlessly quirky speech lauding the benefits of cheap Tim Tams to the British public made headlines across the UK, but was promoting a trade deal with Australia his true motive behind the announcement?

As The Jouker has previously theorised, Johnson may be doing something far more sneaky than simply pushing a trade deal worth up to an extra £1 billion as a salve for a Brexit the Bank of England says is costing £800 million every week.

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In mentioning Tim Tams instead of any other of Australia's famous staples, such as vegemite or goon, Johnson has changed a very important google search.

On June 16th, and for the week prior, anyone searching for "Boris Johnson Tim" would be presented with a host of unfavourable stories based on the testimony of one Tim Montgomerie in the New Statesman. 

The National:

That story was described as "A devastating indictment of the Prime Minister from one of his former allies and Downing Street advisers," and was picked up by various other news outlets after it was first published, on June 10, 2020.

So, was it a coincidence that, just 7 days later, Boris delivered his Ode to Tim Tams?

Since June 17th, the same google search has brought back very different results.

Instead of an article from a former close adviser and ally condemning No10 as being more like "Dom [Cummings]’s frat house" than the residence of a prime minister, we are treated to Boris Johnson and a pack of Australian biscuits.

The National:

This is not the first time Johnson has been accused of using odd language in order to "game the system". He previously called himself a "model of restraint", in what was interpreted as an attempt to deflect anyone searching for "Boris Johnson model" away from the Jennifer Arcuri scandal.

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What's more, he has said he sits at home making model buses from old wine boxes (making it all the more suspicious that he would now mention Tim Tams instead of goon), perhaps so that people searching "Boris Johnson bus" see that nonsense instead of the £350m Brexit bus lie.

Is Johnson smart enough to be doing this? Perhaps not, but then it's an open secret that Boris isn't really in control of "Dom's frat house" anymore...