BORIS Johnson has refused to grant Scotland economic powers to boost its recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

The Tory leader said his government will not implement recommendations from the Scottish Government's economic advisory group that financial powers should be transferred to Holyrood.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, Ian Blackford warned the health and economic emergency following the Covid-19 outbreak requires an "unprecedented response".

The SNP Westminster leader said: "On Monday, the Scottish Government's economic advisory group led by independent business leaders published their initial analysis to secure a strong recovery. Will the Prime Minister welcome these efforts in finding a way forward out of this economic crisis?"

Johnson stated: "Yes indeed, I will be only too happy to study the documents [to] which [he] refers."

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Blackford called on the Prime Minister to transfer financial powers to the Scottish Parliament.

He said: "The Scottish advisory group has called for an accelerated review of the devolved fiscal framework. Crucially it has supported a significant increase in access to capital to stimulate an investment led recovery in Scotland.

"Scotland can make different choices and invest in a strong recovery, but we can only do it with the necessary financial powers. Our First Minister and our Finance Secretary have already made a request for more borrowing powers.

"Will the PM implement the recommendations of these business leaders and give the Scottish Parliament the economic powers it needs to fuel a recovery in the wake of the pandemic or will the PM put Scotland's economic recovery at risk?"

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But Johnson flatly rejected the request, and took the opportunity to have a dig at the SNP.

He replied: "Scotland has so far received, as part of our UK campaign against coronavirus, £3.8 billion pounds now in Barnett consequentials, a fact that I'm sure is seldom off his lips in his discussion with his SNP colleagues.

"We will continue to invest massively in Scotland because Scotland, like the whole of the UK benefits from being part of the oldest and most successful political partnership anywhere in the world.”

The PM then hit out over the Scottish Government’s so-called “U-turn” on education after the Education Secretary announced plans to open schools full-time in August. Nicola Sturgeon yesterday moved to quash claims the decision was a reversal, stating that the update had come because better than expected progress had been made in suppressing coronavirus.

Johnson added: “And I congratulate the SNP by the way on their U-turn, which could be I think copied with advantage by our friends on the front bench opposite, on their U-turn on education and getting all kids into school."