IN a Holyrood statement, the First Minister gave an update on changes to the coronavirus lockdown which could soon take effect in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon said she could not stress enough that “delivering on the milestones depends on that progress continuing” in terms of reducing the number of Covid-19 infections.

The SNP leader stressed that it would not yet be time to reduce the two-metre social distancing rule, but hopes in the period ahead we can “find a viable and safe balance”.

Sturgeon repeated all of the social distancing and hygiene rules, as well as advice for those with symptoms of Covid-19, before indicating when further changes can take place in Scotland.

These are the dates she laid out while calling on people to be sensible and think of the health of those around us, and stressed they will only go ahead if the number of infections continues to stay at low levels.

*These are indicative dates only.*

July 3 – People would be able to travel further than five miles. Self-contained holiday accommodation with no shared services would be able to reopen. Sturgeon asks people to use good judgement and also be sensisitve to those in rural and island communities.

July 6 – Beer gardens and outdoor hospitality would be permitted to open.

July 9 – Phase three is expected to begin on this date. Sturgeon said: "However as was the case with phase two I don’t expect we will do everything in phase three at the same time, instead we will take a phased approach."

July 10 – Households would be able to meet with more households outdoors with physical distancing. There would be an expansion of the extended household scheme.

July 13 – Shopping centres would be able to open, some outdoor sports can restart.

July 15 – Indoor meetings with two other households would be possible with social distancing. Early learning and childcare services are expected to restart.

Tourism sector generally expected to start again. Indoor locations like museums and galleries would also open with precautions in place. Pubs and restaurants would open indoors subject to limitations. Hairdressers and barbers would open, but other personal retail service will remain closed.

Theatres, bingo halls, nightclubs, casinos, will not reopen until a later date

Other things in phase three, like weddings and funerals have no dates yet. At the end of July there will be further advice for those shielding.