WHAT a splendid story about Marzieh Momeni (‘I love it here’ – an Iranian refugee’s life in Scotland, June 20). And what bravery!

In a lorry for two weeks for a destination unknown to her and her two children.

My mother at the age of 13 went steerage to America to relatives. She spent her life shuddering at the thought. But Marzieh seems to have known nobody and still she is pleased to be here.

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Her career is likely to be assured. From phlebotomist to training to be a midwife, given her personality, should not be insuperable.

I do wish that there were more like her. Scotland needs every such family, given that we need our population to grow and that Brexit is still unresolved.

Let the Scottish Government pursue every policy to have all of the people like the Momeni family sought out and welcomed to Scotland.

James A Findlay