A TORY MP has claimed Scottish independence would "destabilise our whole nation" after a poll found Yes support is now at 54%.

Tom Tugendhat, who represents Tonbridge and Malling, said indyref2 would "would leave families in trouble as [the UK's] economy faltered".

He was responding to a Sunday National tweet about support for independence jumping to 54% as an increasing number of Labour voters said they would back Yes.

As well as Labour voter support for independence increasing from 35% to 37% since Leonard said the party would oppose another referendum, a further 13% of those who voted Labour in the last General Election are now teetering on the side of independence and unsure over which way they would vote.

It means support for the Union amongst Labour party supporters in Scotland is now just 50%.

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Tugendhat tweeted: "The end of the Union would destabilise our whole nation and - because of our size - many others. It would leave families in trouble as our economy faltered and undermine our ability to help others. Our allies would be weaker and our enemies stronger."

Earlier this year a report found the Scottish economy could lose up to £3 billion if the UK fails to extend the Brexit transition period beyond December 31 this year.

The paper from the Scottish Government warns if the transition period ends as scheduled, GDP in Scotland could be reduced by between £1.1bn and £1.8bn over the next two years.

It states that would be “equivalent to a cumulative loss of economic activity of between nearly £2bn and £3bn over those two years”.

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Michael Gove ruled out a Brexit extension last week. In response, the Scottish and Welsh Governments refused to take part in a conference call with the UK Government on Brexit matters.

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