THE First Minister put it best herself when she said the number of men who are obsessed with her hair at the moment “is a bit weird”.

Last night LBC presenter and Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce told his listeners that Nicola Sturgeon “fibbed” about cutting her own hair during lockdown – and just like the trolls spreading that rumour online, offered no evidence for his statement.

During his programme he asked listeners what they’re most excited to do with lockdown measures being relaxed. Listener Julie told the host that she was desperate to get to the hairdresser’s after not going for 17 weeks.

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Pierce and the caller chatted about their upcoming hairdressing appointments and the kind of PPE they expect their stylists to have on. Julie said some people “are lucky” for being able to cut their own hair.

Pierce told the caller: “You should do what Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland did.

“She claims that she cut her hair herself with her hairdresser advising how to do it on a video conference call. I would never call a politician a fibber Julie, but she fibbed.

“There’s no way that woman cut her hair so perfectly even at the back.”

The listener replied: “No, it’s perfect isn’t it.”

Pierce’s claim comes after Lord Digby Jones tweeted that it is ”concerning” him that the SNP leader’s hair looks immaculate.

He asked for answers from the First Minister – asking if it was “one rule for rulers” (the irony of a lord saying that is not lost on us).

The National:

She replied: “The number of men, like his Lordship here, who are obsessed with my hair is a bit weird tbh.

“Whereas most women look at it and just know no hairdresser has been anywhere near it,” followed by a crying laughing emoji.

Sturgeon posted pictures of her trimming her own hair and has spoken about the experience of dyeing it without the help from her trusty hairdresser.

In England hair salons are expected to open in July – but in Scotland that is unlikely to happen until phase three of lockdown.