Remarkable Places to Eat (BBC2, 8pm)
FRED Sirieix has been unimpressed by culinary offerings on his previous visits to Marrakesh, but in the first episode of this new series, TV chef Andi Oliver wants to introduce him to the western Moroccan city’s rich food heritage. Heading beyond the old walled medina, Andi’s first call is the Chab family’s elegant Al Fassia restaurant, for a slow-roasted shoulder of lamb with caramelised onions and almonds. 

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You Are What You Wear (BBC1, 8pm)
RYLAN Clark-Neal (below) hosts the fashion makeover show, with volunteers including a furniture restorer who has taken to wearing her husband’s clothes, a budding Paralympian who is looking for a grown-up, wheelchair-friendly style, and a hip-hop aficionado who wants to upgrade to a smarter street look. 

The National:

Tutankhamun in Colour (BBC4, 9pm)
A CENTURY after the world’s most exciting archaeological find – the tomb of Tutankhamun – we witness the dramatic scenes of its discovery and marvel at its extraordinary treasures in colour. Oxford University egyptologist Elizabeth Frood is our guide to the discovery of the tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon. It provided much-needed good news, following the Great War and the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1919 and we’ve been transfixed ever since. From bringing to life the young Carter from an old family photo, documenting Egypt’s transformation during the Great War, to the great operation excavating the tomb and the grand revealing of Tutankhamun itself – colourisation brings a new element of realism to this great moment in history.

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Harley Quinn (E4, 10.20pm & 10.50pm)
THE animated series featuring the voice of Kaley Cuoco continues with another double bill. Harley gets an invitation to the Legion of Doom’s members party, but her friend Poison Ivy discovers that it’s her they’re really after. Will this cause a rift between the two besties? Then, after becoming a newly minted member of the Legion, Harley naturally finds she must spend time with The Joker (Alan Tudyk). Now that they’re equals, will Harley backslide into her old toxic relationship with Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime?