BUMBLING Boris Johnson managed to the confuse LibDem MP who led the charge for the Union during the indyref for an SNP MP. 

In a bizarre moment at Prime Minister’s Questions, the Tory leader attacked Alistair Carmichael for wanting to gain Scottish independence.

That’s despite the MP for Okrney and Shetland being the longest serving pro-Union MP in the Commons

Not only that but he also served as Secretary of State for Scotland in David Cameron’s coalition government. 

And during the first referendum campaign he was the "bruiser" appointed to take on the Yes campaign.

Carmichael was using his slot at question time, to push Johnson on concerns from farmers in his constituency over labelling legislation.

The MP said this allowed beef from anywhere in the world to be labelled as British beef, as long as it is packaged in this country.

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He added: “If the Prime Minister is serious about maintaining food standards, especially in light of any future trade arrangements, will he do something to close that loophole.”

Johnson replied: “Well yes Mr Speaker, if what the Right Honourable gentleman says is indeed the case, and I'm sure that he knows exactly where of he he speaks, I can only say that it must be one of those things that is currently governed by the laws of the EU to which he is bound to return an independent school should that catastrophe ever arise."

SNP MP Alison Thewliss tweeted: "So reassuring to know the Prime Minister is on top of the details..."