THE global health expert advising the Scottish Government on Covid-19 has hit back at the former Scottish Tory leader after she posted a “disgraceful” tweet about the professor.

Devi Sridhar had posted a thread explaining how suppression of the virus could allow for schools to return to something close to normality in August after some parents and opposition MSPs took aim at Holyrood’s plan to get pupils back in classrooms on a part-time basis when the new term begins.

When her posts were picked up by a journalist who suggested the professor was, like former FM Jack McConnell, calling on Nicola Sturgeon to do more to gets pupils learning on a full-time basis again after the summer, Sridhar clarified that she and the SNP leader are “completely aligned” on the issue and she supports Sturgeon’s  “cautious approach” to easing lockdown measures.

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Ruth Davidson then suggested Sridhar had been told off by the First Minister for her initial comments. “Guess someone got the hairdryer treatment over the phone …” The Tory MSP said.

Sturgeon told Davidson the claim was untrue, and added it was “utterly disgraceful” to suggest a respected expert would be susceptible to that kind of treatment.

Now the chair of global public health at Edinburgh University has stepped in to stand up for herself.

“Your tweet reflects how little you know me and my views,” Sridhar told Davidson. “Not about politics.

“It’s about finding the best way forward for kids, parents and teachers. I’m an expert in global public health looking at international best practice and trying to bring those learnings to help Scotland the UK.”

The First Minister backed Sridhar’s suggestions on education this morning, reposting them and agreeing that if Scotland can suppress Covid-19 sufficiently then “nearer normality” may be possible after the summer holidays.

She wrote: "Right now (like other UK nations), we must plan for a school model based on physical distancing.

"But as @devisridhar says, *if* we can suppress virus sufficiently & have other measures in place, nearer normality may be possible. It's why we must stick with plan to suppress."

The First Minister continued: "We'll be guided by evidence & won't compromise safety (we still don't know everything about this virus). And we'll work with parents, young people & teachers to build confidence. All countries grappling with these tough issues - @scotgov determined to do right for children."