A NEW ScotPulse survey has found that the “vast majority” of Scots intend on continuing to shop locally after lockdown is lifted.

Despite gloomy warnings about the future of Scotland’s high streets, 89% of the 1374 respondents said that they will still look to purchase from smaller, local stores once restrictions are eased.

Just 2% admitted that they plan on reducing the amount of local purchases they have been making recently.

The survey also revealed that a majority of Scots say they are most looking forward to returning to parks, garden centres and DIY stores, while there is a stark divide in attitudes towards being allowed back into pubs and cinemas – half said they would not feel comfortable doing so.

People in Scotland have been reportedly spending more money on food, alcohol and TV streaming services during the Covid-19 lockdown. Just under three quarters (72%) said they intend on spending the same amount, or even more, in the coming months.

And following last week’s announcement that the UK economy shrank by 20.4% in April, 55% of respondents said they do not feel optimistic about the country’s economy’s ability to recover once the crisis is over.

Of those who said they were uncertain, the highest number was in the over-55s group (60%), while just 48% of 16 to 34-year-olds voiced the same concern.

ScotPulse’s Kathleen Wiseman, who led the research, said: “The unprecedented situation Scots have found themselves in over the past few months has meant shopping choices have been more limited than usual, with many opting to shop locally simply out of necessity, or deliberately in support of homegrown businesses.

“Our findings suggest that buying from local vendors is something an overwhelming majority will continue to do even once life returns to normal."