MSPs, trade unions, and anti-racist campaigners will unite tomorrow for a digital Black Lives Matter protest in response to the killing of George Floyd in the US.

The online event, which will feature speakers such as playwright Hannah Lavery, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf, and Sheku Bayoh's sister Kadie Johnson, will begin tomorrow, Sunday June 7, at 6pm.

The digital protest, organised by the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), comes after calls from Johnson, a staff nurse, for people not to attend mass protests due to coronavirus fears.

The STUC event page states: "The STUC fully understands the depth of anger and desire to show solidarity that is moving people to attend the physical rally in Glasgow Green on Sunday.

"However, given the threat to our communities of coronavirus, we cannot in all conscience advise people to attend that event.

"But people want to protest. And people want to know what they can do."

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Talking about attending the planned protests in Scotland, Johnson said: “As a staff nurse, I know the deadly impact of the virus and I would worry about social distancing on the day and the lives of my family and other lives being put at risk.

“Sadly, we cannot attend, nor will we encourage others to go because we believe a virtual protest would be far more effective and involve those unable to attend because of the risk. I hope that you will join our campaign.

The National: Sheku Bayoh died in police custody in Scotland five years agoSheku Bayoh died in police custody in Scotland five years ago

"We have fought for five years for justice for my dead brother Sheku and believe Black Lives Matter is as relevant in Scotland.”

In an earlier joint statement with the Justice Secretary, Anas Sarwar MSP, and Aamer Anwar, Johnson said: “Like so many, we want to stand in unity with millions across our planet to show solidarity with those protesting against racial injustice in the USA but also to support those challenging racial injustice and discrimination in Scotland.

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“The rules in place are there to protect people’s health and ultimately people’s lives. Therefore, as long-term anti-racist campaigners, we are still urging people to protest but to use the many other methods available at this time, including digital protests.

"We hope people will understand our position and explore other methods of demonstrating practical solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.”

The event will be livestreamed at