SCOTTISH Labour is being accused of turning its back on Scotland’s biggest trade union after it emerged the party is to harden its opposition to independence.

Partick Harvie, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, hit out at Richard Leonard and his party after it was reported that his party is to use an upcoming summit to provide some clarity on its constitutional position.

Scottish Labour has faced criticism for its confusing its members regarding its attitude towards indyref2, though Harvie believes they have chosen the wrong path.

Unison passed a motion in February in favour of holding an independence referendum at a time to be determined by the Scottish Parliament, however it is reported in the Daily Record that Leonard is to “harden” his position in opposition to a future referendum.

“While Richard Leonard puts the UK first, abandoning all hope of returning to the EU, Scottish Greens will always stand up for workers,” Harvie said.

“Mr Leonard seems to think that keeping Boris Johnson in charge is preferable to allowing the people of Scotland to determine our own future.

“Unison’s vote in favour of holding an independence referendum was a totemic moment for the independence movement.

“But it seems Scottish Labour is content to turn its back on the trade union movement in order to appease the hard-line unionists in its ranks.”

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He added: “While Mr Leonard may prefer to inflict more Tory austerity, more poverty and more inequality rather than giving the people of Scotland a choice, Scottish Greens believe Scotland can do so much better as an independent European country.”

Leonard will lead a discussion of his party’s governing executive on Saturday and is expected to reject another vote on Scottish independence.

A senior party source said: “There will be no equivocation.”

The Scottish Labour leader is also expected to lay out his alternative plans at the meeting.

SNP councillor Chris McEleney tweeted: “Those that think we shouldn’t be setting a vision for the country to progress towards independence right now should note that the Tories & Labour Party are using their time during the crisis to bolster their opposition towards independence.”